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Our Premium Cedar Fence 

Our most popular option, this fence offers style, strength, durability, and the most value for the cost. If you plan to stay in your home for many years, and want a great fence that will last, this is the wood fence for you!


  • 6 ft Tall
  • 6″ #1 Grade Cedar Pickets (high quality cedar, very few knots)cedar wood fence 6 ft tall fence metal posts
  • Side-by-Side Construction (there will be slight visibility between pickets)
  • Three (3) 2×4 Cedar Rails
  • 1×4 Horizontal Trim at the top of the pickets
    (This gives the fence a finished look, while also adding support and increasing the stability)
  • 2×6 Treated Pine Kickerboard (also known as a “rot board,” the kickerboard adds stability to the fence and lifts the pickets off the ground to protect them from rotting and weed trimmer damage and significantly adds to the life of the pickets)
  • .095 (heavy gauge) Galvanized Metal Posts
  • Posts set every 8 ft, 24″ deep in Maximizer brand concrete (40% stronger than regular concrete)
  • Custom Built Onsite
  • Includes our Better Fence Guarantee (click to learn more)

Life Expectancy: 

25-30 Years (regular maintenance will increase life expectancy)

Our Warranty For This Fence: 

We offer a 3 year warranty on materials, and 15 year warranty on workmanship for issues such as sagging gates, leaning posts, etc.

Upgrade Options:

  • 8 ft tall instead of 6 ft- With this option, posts will be set every 6 ft, 36″ deep in concrete, and will include an additional 2×4 cedar rail.
  • Pre-Stained Wood (medium brown)
  • Top Cap- a not only decorative, but also functional 2×6 or 2×8 cap can be added to the top of the fence.

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